About Us

Pops Diabetes was founded in May of 2013 by Lonny Stormo, Dan Davis, and Curt Christensen. The concept of Pops was created while Lonny and the co-founders were catching fish in the middle of a remote lake in Minnesota. While watching Dan reel in a large walleye while trying to check his blood sugar with a traditional testing kit, Lonny asked the group, “Why can’t I use my phone to check my blood sugar while I’m out fishing or jogging? This kit hasn’t changed in the 20 years I’ve been using it and only shows me one result at a time. It’s frustrating.” They hooked that idea and went back to the shop where they engineered a simple, all-in-one meter that connects wirelessly to an app on a phone – showing weekly and monthly trends at the touch of a button. Pops was founded with the intent of putting simple technology in people’s hands to enable them to Own Their Life®.

What We Do

Value relationships
Talk about our golf game
Resolve roadblocks
Play Old Town Road on repeat
Challenge the status quo

What We Don’t

Work > life
Hidden agendas
Resist chocolate
Wear khakis

Pops' Values

The Experience is Everything:

We are committed to inspiring our clients and owners by providing a simple and consumer focused approach to diabetes management. We work to solve their daily challenges, understand their pain points, and to go above and beyond in serving them.

Make Change Happen:

To be the leader, we need to dream big, and we use our strengths to invent, tinker, engineer, imagine, inspire, design, create, and trailblaze our dreams into actionable change.

Be a Good Human:

We show up as real, vulnerable, transparent human beings who speak from the heart, value others’ contributions, and invest in each other’s growth. We operate as a tight-knit unit that creates a culture of well-being and support for one another.

Pops Leadership Team

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Have you ever stood in the middle of a city and wondered why did the first person settle here and what made this city grow? Lonny loves blending history, trends, and strategy for his historical and nerdy curiosity (driving his family nuts) and in looking at why trends and businesses fail and succeed.

Lonny Stormo

Dr. Timothy Balder, MD has over 40 years of experience in the medical field as a Family Medicine Specialist. He graduated from the University of Minnesota Medical School in 1985.

Timothy Balder, MD

Chief Medical Officer
Janet is passionate about improving processes in all aspects of life—both at work and at home. As an Industrial Engineer, Six-Sigma Greenbelt, and career Operations Leader, she thrives on driving organization, efficiency, and quality. At home she enjoys honing her cooking and entertaining skills and learning about all aspects of food and wine.

Janet Stormo

VP Operations
Kevin leads our business development. Kevin is passionate about finding and partnering with clients who can benefit the most from Pops. He has worked with multiple startups to create and grow their business. Kevin has more than eight years of experience in business development and angel investing.

Kevin Lunke

Business Development Manager
Dan loves to tackle complex problems with science and engineering. He also has an extensive tackle box as an avid fisherman. His favorite fish is walleye fried in butter. You can often find Dan jogging around scenic Stillwater, playing with his grandkids or fishing in the middle of a remote lake.

Dan Davis

VP R&D & Security Officer
Curt enjoys learning how things work and then making them better and is an avid DIYer with endless home projects. He enjoys traveling to see new places and having new adventures.

Curt Christensen

VP Manufacturing