Live Life as a Person, Not as a Patient

We approach you as a person and not a diabetic. You are a person first. Your diabetes comes second.

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Receive non-judgemental help
from Mina

Pops is your integrated virtual diabetes management system. Mina, your virtual coach will assist you along with your Rebel meter to check your sugars anytime, anywhere.
Easily check blood sugar & track your trends
Add family, friends, and caregivers to receive notifications
Mina asks questions to know and help you better
Non-invasive process allows you to check anywhere
Earn points and rewards for making positive changes
        The Pops is compatible with iOS and Android based smartphones.

What Our Owners Say

" I am a current user of the Pops rebel system and wanted to let you know I appreciate the ease and convenience of it! I find the system the most helpful when I am exercising. It is discreet and easy to bring along on run, walks, at the gym...etc. Diagnosed at 11 with type 1 Diabetes, I have worked every day to improve my A1c level. I am proud to say my last A1c was the best it has been in 10 years! Thanks to you and the Pops team!"
- Jessica D.
"The Pops program has helped keep me accountable for my diabetes health and I have had huge success in brining my A1C down from 8.0 to a 5.7 in the past year and have been able to come off of insulin and just be on oral meds. I also have focused on having a positive mindset with my nutrition and have lost 48lbs in the past 6 months."
- Michele K.
"I have use many different glucose meters over the years and research every purchase I make, but nothing prepared me for the POPS Rebel system. Not only is the meter system easy to use and the app exceptional, but the company’s customer service is outstanding."
- Robert P.
"Last December my A1c was 6.7, but now that I am testing 3 times a day with Rebel and watching my carbs and making sure I take my medication, I am at 6.5. Thank you for this wonderful product. I absolutely love it on my phone. "
- Diane W
"It’s easy and simple to use. I like that it’s an all-in-one tech that pairs with my phone that fits my on the go lifestyle. This makes keeping my sugars in control so much easier!"
- Ross R
"Next to cell phones, the Rebel is the best innovative, easy and portable device to use to check your blood sugars throughout the day. All companies should have this available to their employees."
- Pam J

Test Anywhere, Anytime

With us, it’s time to Own Your Life. No more fumbling around with a testing kit bag or running to the bathroom to test. The Rebel combines the traditional kit into a one-step virtual care system that fits in the back of your pocket allowing you to test at any time, anywhere using something you carry around with you every day — your phone.

How do I get the Pops Self-Care Platform?

If your employer offers Pops, download our app and enter your customer code to get started. Don’t know your code? Send us a message and we’ll help you out.

If your employer doesn’t yet offer Pops, download this handy card to give to your manager or HR department. You can also have them contact us directly. We are happy to chat!

We also offer a subscription program to the Pops Self-Care Platform for any consumer (not covered by insurance). Learn more here!