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Having diabetes doesn’t have to stop your employees from enjoying their work and finding success in their careers. With the Rebel virtual care system and Mina—an intuitive personal assistant—your employees with diabetes can quickly check their blood sugar levels with a tool that comfortably fits on their phones in their pockets. It’s diabetes care, updated for the 21st century.

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Help Your Employees Live Their Best Lives

Blood sugar monitoring is a critical part of diabetes care. Keeping tabs on blood sugar levels provides insight into whether or not someone with diabetes is reaching their treatment goals. It also provides information on how exercise and diet are affecting their blood sugar, and—most importantly—what their blood sugar level is at to ensure that they are at a healthy level. With the easy-to-use combination of Rebel+Mina, your employees can test their blood sugar anytime and anywhere, allowing them to spend less time worrying and more time living their best life.

Increase the Health of Your Employees, Decrease the Cost of Your Healthcare

By keeping your employees healthy and avoiding trips to the doctor, you can dramatically decrease your healthcare costs for your business. Just how much, though? Well, a company of 800 people can expect savings of $316,000 on their healthcare, while a larger organization of about 8,000 employees will see savings over $3 million. That’s some exceptional savings that you can put back into your business as opposed to sending it away to your business’s health insurance provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Diabetes Cost Employees Per Year?

According to recent studies conducted by Gallup, the total cost of diabetes in the United States for employers has reached a staggering $10 billion… Just kidding—it’s actually double that! We believe that’s way too high, and that’s one of the reasons why we created Rebel+Mina.

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What our Partners and Clients Say

"The Pops Rebel system has been an incredible addition to our benefit offerings! Employees were struggling managing their condition, this allows employees to have the real time support and take better control of their health! Pops Diabetes Care is an amazing partner in better healthcare and diabetes health management for LSI and our team!"
- Ali - Landscape Structures
"At MNGI Digestive Health we are Caring People Caring for People. It is important to offer valuable benefits to our employees and found we had the opportunity to help our employees and/or their family members with diabetes. We were looking for opportunities to improve health and prevent claims due to not properly monitoring their diabetes. We found Pops Diabetes Care to be a cutting edge tool that has offered a much easier method of testing than other diabetes management systems. The app is engaging and increases communication to their loved ones and physician."
- Shannon - MNGI
"We’re proud to back the Pops team in their important mission of empowering people to better manage their chronic healthcare needs in a way that combines elegant hardware with intelligent software. Co-founder and CEO Lonny Stormo is an industry veteran who brings world-class expertise and has assembled a fantastic team."
- Mary Grove - Revolution’s Rise of the Rest Seed Fund
"We recognized a big opportunity in Pops, and are very excited to partner with the talented team they’ve put together. They offer an elegant solution for millions trying to manage their diabetes and chronic conditions effectively, discretely and on their terms. The opportunity to see better patient outcomes and make a real cost impact on the most expensive healthcare category in the US – these are two big value drivers that we believe make for a compelling story and is the future of digital health. "
- George Arida - Managing Director of 30Ventures
"MentorMate's partnership with Pops Diabetes Care was established in 2016 and has been successful due to a strong relationship based on trust. The MentorMate teams in Bulgaria and the U.S. are proud to be part of producing a platform that will impact peoples' lives in positive ways and enjoy sharing our best practices for design, development, quality assurance and project management in the partnership to aid in delivering a world class platform for the Pops Diabetes Care team"
- MentorMate