List of Foods That Lower Blood Pressure

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Hannah C.
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According to the American Diabetes Association, nearly 1 in 3 American adults has high blood pressure. In addition, 2 out of every 3 people with diabetes report having high blood pressure or take prescription medications to lower their blood pressure.

This is all to say that everyone should be mindful of what they consume and how it relates to their blood pressure.

To ensure that you keep your blood pressure in check, here are some foods that can actually lower your blood pressure.

As always, we recommend speaking with your doctor or dietitian to learn more about which types of foods you should be eating to help keep both your diabetes and blood pressure in check.

Citrus Fruits

One of the best ways to reduce your blood pressure is by eating citrus fruits. Fruits like oranges, lemons, grapefruit, and more are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and plant compounds that all work together to reduce blood pressure.

Salmon and Other Fatty Fish

Fish can often be found on a shopping list for someone with diabetes. The ADA has concluded that a diet that is high in polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats can help improve blood sugar control and blood lipids in people with diabetes. Many types of fish are rich in both types of fats.

In addition, fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which research has shown can help reduce blood pressure levels.

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are probably not a food you expected on this list. However, these little seeds can do big things when it comes to assisting with your low blood pressure.

Pumpkin seeds have a high concentration of magnesium, potassium, arginine, all of which are essential for blood vessel relaxation and blood pressure reduction.

Beans and Lentils

Beans and lentils are rich in fiber, magnesium, and potassium, all of which are nutrients that can help you regulate your blood pressure.

Past studies have indicated that, when exchanged for other foods, beans and lentils can drastically lower blood pressure levels in people with and without hypertension.


In addition, to probably be the most addicting snacks, pistachios are also extremely nutritious. This nutrition has been linked to healthy blood pressure levels too. For example, pistachios have potassium, which is essential for blood pressure regulation.

Studies that tested all sorts of nuts to see which had the strongest positive effect on blood pressure concluded that Pistachios were indeed the most effective.


Broccoli is often the butt of jokes concerning kids who let their dogs eat veggies under the dinner table, but it is actually one of the best foods for you.

Broccoli is packed with flavonoid antioxidants, which are crucial for ensuring that you keep blood pressure in check. A study that included information on more than 185,000 people found that participants who consumed 4 or more servings of broccoli per week had a lower risk of high blood pressure than those who consumed much less.


Just like broccoli, carrots should be a part of everyone’s diet. Carrots are high in phenolic compounds, like chlorogenic, p-coumaric, and caffeic acids, that help relax blood vessels and reduce inflammation, both of which may lead to lower blood pressure levels.

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Hannah C.
Hannah is the Swiss-Army-Knife® of marketing and communications—flexible, multifaceted, and helpful in unusual ways.
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