Diabetes Resources and Communities for Everyone

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Hannah C.
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We’re all very different people, and that’s what makes us great! It also means we learn and need support in different ways, which can make it hard to find the right resources and communities for you. Luckily, the internet has allowed us to connect with more like-minded people and resources catered to you than ever before.

Beyond Type 1 / Beyond Type 2

These sibling sites cater to folks who like to explore and adventure, as well as those that are just dealing with the daily trials of diabetes. While the content on Beyond Type 1 is geared for folks in their mid-30s to their teens, there is something for everyone. Beyond Type 2 has general resources for all ages, geared more towards adults. They cover topics from beginning your diabetes journey when you’re first diagnosed, to dating with diabetes, school, travel, food, and more.

In addition to resources and sites in many different languages, Beyond Type 1 has lots of community resources including a runners club, pen pal program, online message board community, even a diabetes-informed babysitting service.

Facebook groups

While Facebook groups have been around for a while, they have really picked up steam in the last few years. They allow people to create their own communities on a platform that is already used frequently. There are groups for everything now, and most certainly a group for you! Parents of kids with diabetes, fitness, body positivity groups, and so many more can be found.

The best part of Facebook groups is that you can start your own if you can’t find one that fits your needs. So go out, find your group, or create your own!

American Diabetes Association

The most well known out of the bunch, this powerhouse of information and resources is great for anyone and everyone who needs more knowledge about diabetes and how to stay healthy. From diabetes-friendly foods to research studies, to current events, they are a trusted and vetted source of information.

They also connect people with diabetes all over the country through events and camps. For many kids, a summer camp is a pivotal and memorable place to meet friends and have some freedom. The ADA runs camps that have served over 100,000 children living with diabetes and those at risk of developing type 2 diabetes over the years.

In addition to supporting communities, the ADA has a renewed commitment to inclusive resources for Black, Indigenous, Latino and Hispanic communities, which all see higher rates of diabetes.

There are so many more places to get information and community out there like the Defeat Diabetes Foundation, Diabetes Support Group, Glu and others. No matter what you’re looking for, there is an article or a person to help you with it.

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Hannah C.
Hannah is the Swiss-Army-Knife® of marketing and communications—flexible, multifaceted, and helpful in unusual ways.
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