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Join the more than 100 other investors who have helped our company change lives with over $9M dollars raised.

Since our founding, over 100 shareholders have invested early in Pops to fuel our momentum to enable people to take ownership of their own health using a technology platform.

Nobody desires to be a patient to be taken care of. More than 85% of people want to manage their own health condition using a Virtual Health Assistant. Pops has delivered this VHA to people along with the simplest glucose measurement with significant clinical outcomes and amazing testimonials.

Pops has partnered with SeedInvest to launch our first-ever open equity raise. To learn how you can become an equity owner in Pops’ movement to transform healthcare to a self-care platform.

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Meet Mina

Say hi, to Mina (mee-nah) , your personal virtual coach! She will help you show diabetes who’s boss.

Mina will help you set reminders, keep track of your goals, and be a pep of encouragement in your back pocket.

Need someone who will have your back? Add your family, friends, and care team to receive notifications.

Walks, sunshine, and smiles are all good things. Mina will help you create positive patterns to lead you to better management.

90% monthly growth

100+ investors

$9M+ raised

How Our
Meter Works

The Rebel combines the traditional testing kit into one easy to use virtual care system. No need to wear anything!

Your meter attaches easily to your phone and connects to your virtual coach via Bluetooth.

Test your blood sugar anytime, anywhere by pressing down quickly and confidently using the pain free pop lancets to get a blood drop.

See your results at the touch of a button and earn rewards for being active.

Our Evidence

People using Pops are both sustaining their use of Pops and seeing continued significantly improved A1c blood glucose levels in that sustained use. A 0.9 improvement even after 18 months of using Pops can reduce healthcare cost by an average of $2000 annually!


Our Traction

Because people love using our product, and with the contracts we have secured, Pops is experiencing 90% month-over-month growth in 2021!

What Our Owners Say

"The Pops program has helped keep me accountable for my diabetes health and I have had huge success in brining my A1C down from 8.0 to a 5.7 in the past year and have been able to come off of insulin and just be on oral meds. I also have focused on having a positive mindset with my nutrition and have lost 48lbs in the past 6 months."
- Michele K.
"I have use many different glucose meters over the years and research every purchase I make, but nothing prepared me for the POPS Rebel system. Not only is the meter system easy to use and the app exceptional, but the company’s customer service is outstanding."
- Robert P.
" I am a current user of the Pops rebel system and wanted to let you know I appreciate the ease and convenience of it! I find the system the most helpful when I am exercising. It is discreet and easy to bring along on run, walks, at the gym...etc. Diagnosed at 11 with type 1 Diabetes, I have worked every day to improve my A1c level. I am proud to say my last A1c was the best it has been in 10 years! Thanks to you and the Pops team!"
- Jessica D.
"Last December my A1c was 6.7, but now that I am testing 3 times a day with Rebel and watching my carbs and making sure I take my medication, I am at 6.5. Thank you for this wonderful product. I absolutely love it on my phone. "
- Diane W
"Next to cell phones, the Rebel is the best innovative, easy and portable device to use to check your blood sugars throughout the day. All companies should have this available to their employees."
- Pam J
"It’s easy and simple to use. I like that it’s an all-in-one tech that pairs with my phone that fits my on the go lifestyle. This makes keeping my sugars in control so much easier!"
- Ross R

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your current valuation and investment terms and how was that determined?

Pops completed a Series A1 preferred equity raise led by 30 Ventures which priced our stock at $7.43 for a $18M post-money valuation. Pops is currently issuing a convertible note. The note is a chance for investors to get into the next equity raise earlier with a discount to what future investors will pay for Pops stock. Please see deal terms at

How does Pops differ from other digital health in diabetes?
How does Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) affect Pops?
How will Pops scale, and when is it expected to be profitable?
When will I earn a return on my investment?
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