Diabetes Care For Employees: Best Blood Glucose Meters on the Market Today

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Kevin L.
Kevin, our Arnold Palmer of Sales, approaches golf and sales in the same way. He shoots it straight, is honest, and isn't afraid to take risks when needed.

If you’re in the market for the best blood glucose meter for your employees, then you’re in luck! 

Let’s dive into why it’s important to have a quality glucose meter for your employee and why in-range blood glucose levels benefit both sides. 

Why Blood Glucose Control is Important For Your Employees

When it comes to the symptoms of having diabetes, most people will only feel symptoms when they have low blood glucose levels (hypoglycemia) or very high glucose levels (hyperglycemia). 

Hypoglycemia symptoms include: 

Hyperglycemia symptoms include: 

Having an improperly balanced blood glucose level can lead to long term damage, including kidney and nerve damage, cardiovascular disease, bone and joint problems, myocardial infarction, neurocognitive dysfunction, and more. 

With a high-quality blood glucose meter, your employees can ensure that their glucose levels are where they need to be at all times of the day. This way, they’ll be less stressed and more worry-free when it comes to managing their diabetes during the day. 

Here are six of the best blood glucose meters on the market today. 

Pops’ Rebel + Mina

Rebel is the future of blood glucose meters, as it combines the traditional test kits commonly seen into one integrated meter and connects it to an app on your employees’ phone so that they can carry it around all day with them with ease. 

With Rebel and Mina — a personal virtual coach for your employees — a reduced A1c is possible. This means your employees will be healthier and will have fewer health complications. 

Through encouraging regular and sustained use and diabetes management, your employees won’t just be healthier, but you’ll be able to reduce your company’s healthcare costs. 

In fact, a 1-point reduction in A1c can save you more than $2,000 per employee per year. 

Pops believes that everyone should be able to own their lives and with Rebel, making it easier for people with diabetes to take control of their lives while ultimately saving you money. 

Read more about Rebel and Mina here. You can contact Pops to learn more about how this system can help improve your employees’ lives! 

Ascensia Contour Next One 

The Ascensia Contour Next One is one of the sleeker-looking meters on the market, which is also small and pocket-friendly. 

The Ascensia Contour Next One also integrates with their capable app, which lets you see trends and averages up to 90 days and includes notes your employees can type in (such as diet, medication, and exercise).

By keeping tabs on these trends, users can better identify patterns and what may have caused the rise or lowering of their glucose levels. This will ultimately allow them to better manage their blood glucose in the future. 

Fora 6 Connect

Fora Connect is typically regarded as one of the best blood glucose options for those people with diabetes who are also insulin-dependent. 

Fora Connect is able to read both blood glucose and ketone levels by using two separate types of strips, both of which are accurate. Readings are very easy to take and the data is clearly shown on the backlit display and can be automatically backed up, via Bluetooth, to the smartphone app.

So, if you only have a small number of employees who have diabetes and are also insulin-dependent, then Fora 6 Connect is a good option. 

CareTouch Blood Glucose Monitoring System 

CareTouch is perhaps the lowest-tech blood glucose monitoring system on the market. Depending on what you’re looking for, this can be either a pro or a con. 

There is no app support data, which means it may be better suited for employees who are less tech-savvy or don’t like having too much data to sift through. It is affordable and with a 14 day average on the monitor, employees can still view their progress over the last couple of weeks with CareTouch. 

OneTouch Ultra Mini

OneTouch is a very compact and discreet blood sugar monitor that can easily hide inside an employee’s pocket or purse. A user-friendly interface and a simple three-step testing process make it a very convenient option. With OneTouch Mini, there is also no mobile app. 

Solid reviews are prevalent with OneTouch and compactness is a definite bonus that this meter provides.  

FreeStyle Freedom Lite

FreeStyle Freedom Lite is another compact option that is also extremely lightweight. It also requires an extremely small sample size, meaning there’ll be less pain and easier testing for your users. 

FreeStyle Freedom Lite can also store 360 different readings so that users can compare their levels over time. And, this glucose monitor is also very accurate. 

Make Sure That You Invest in Your Employees Health

By taking the time to research the best glucose monitors for your team’s needs, you’ll not only reduce your healthcare costs by limiting the likelihood of any issues arising, but you’ll also help make your employee’s lives easier at work. Your employee’s health is something you can’t put a price on. 

So, invest in the proper tools and solutions for your team today! 


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Kevin L.
Kevin, our Arnold Palmer of Sales, approaches golf and sales in the same way. He shoots it straight, is honest, and isn't afraid to take risks when needed.
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