10 Best Diabetes Apps + Reviews

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Stephanie Toomey
Stephanie thrives on getting to know someone to understand what makes them tick, so it’s no surprise that she has spent her entire career in retail and marketing – putting the customer first. While at work, you’ll often hear her telling ..

Finding the best diabetes app for you can be tricky—especially when there are so many different ones out there today. 

While having so many available options means you have a lot of choices, it can be difficult to separate the truly great apps from the just okay ones. 

So, to help you make your search easier, here are 10 of the best diabetes apps with reviews! 

BD Diabetes Care 

BD Diabetes Care is a simple yet helpful app that is powered by AI and becomes better at assisting you the more you use it. According to their app preview on the Apple App Store, when a user asks Briight—the personal diabetes assistant that is found in the app—questions and uses the app’s diabetic logbook, the more Briight will learn about them and will adjust its responses to become more personalized the user’s needs. 

Some of the key features of BD Diabetes Care include: 

BD Diabetes Care Review:

5 Stars out of 5 

“Content is really strong. The chatbot seems a little limited, but it did answer a bunch of my questions and direct me to interesting follow-ups. I’m intrigued to see where they go with this.” – Ohmssbond, App Store Review.


For those with diabetes who need assistance with administering glucagon, Eli Lilly and Company have created a reliable app to help them feel prepared to take it. 

Some of the main features of Glucagon include:

Glucagon Review: 

4 out of 5 stars 

“As a parent of a 2yr old T1d, this app is a must! I’ve watched the tutorial in case she ever has a severe hypo. I don’t want to miss a single step while trying not to panic. Every T1d and their caregiver or friends should have this app. It could help save their life one day. Best to be prepared than hesitant not knowing how to mix the vial or give the proper dosage.” – seashell808, App Store Review.


MyFitnessPal isn’t one of the traditional diabetes apps, however, many people who do have diabetes have found that the app can be extremely helpful. MyFitnessApp was developed by Under Armour and is highly ranked by app reviewers and has been featured in high profile publications like the NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Wired, and more. 

So, how exactly can this app help those with diabetes? While one component of this app involves logging your exercise, the biggest benefit to those with diabetes is that it’s easy to use the exhaustive food tracking log. 

The food tracking portion of the app can do the following: 

MyFitnessPal Review: 

“…In my opinion, it’s one of the best food log apps on the market. I’m able to log my calories and macronutrients… and can even view them in graph formats. With MFP, I get a macronutrient breakdown of certain types of food, such as “Highest in Carbohydrates” and “Highest in Protein.” Knowing what types of food affect my blood sugar makes it easier for me to make better dietary decisions…” – Suzanne Falk, MD, Healthline Review.

Rebel + Mina 

Rebel + Mina is an app created by Pops Diabetes Care that is made specifically for those with diabetes. As an integrated virtual care system, Rebel + Mina work together to help improve the lives of those with diabetes by helping them manage their blood sugar. 

Here’s how it works—Rebel is both a traditional testing kit combined with a virtual care system that can attach directly to the user’s phone. This allows them to easily test their blood sugar at any time and then see their results with the simple touch of a button on their phone. 

Mina steps in as the virtual coach of the app and will help users set reminders, keep track of their goals, and help create positive patterns to lead the users to better management. 

Additional features of Rebel + Mina include: 

best diabetes apps

Rebel + Mina Review: 

“The Pops Rebel system has been an incredible addition to our benefit offerings! Employees were struggling to manage their condition, this allows employees to have real-time support and take better control of their health. Pops diabetes care is an amazing partner in better healthcare and diabetes health management for LSI and our team!” Ali, Landscape Structures

Diabetes Lite

Diabetes Lite is a very popular diabetes app for those with diabetes when it comes to a functional, easy-to-use diabetes management app. By tracking the factors that influence blood sugar levels, monitoring the fluctuations in those levels, and sharing the data with the user’s doctors, Diabetes Lite can help those with diabetes better manage their lives. 

Other features of Diabetes Lite include: 

Diabetes Lite Review: 

– “I find this to be a great tool in keeping track and organized. It just takes a couple of minutes for each entry and it’s always at your fingertips for quick reviewing.” M-Cyclonut, App Store review.

Other Notable Diabetes Apps to Check Out

MySugr – Aimed at kids, this diabetes management app runs like a game, featuring a diabetes “monster” that keeps users motivated.

Tidepool – An app that offers thorough tracking tools for insulin, CGM, nutrition, and blood glucose with notes.

Sugar Rush – Just scan the barcode of any product and instantly see a breakdown of naturally occurring and added sugars with this neat app. 

Glucose Buddy – Simple to navigate, Glucose Buddy helps users manage their blood sugar, insulin dosages, and carb intake all from a single app. 

Diabetes Tracker – It boasts an intensive and easy-to-follow educational component in addition to features for monitoring blood glucose, carbs, net carbs and more. This app is rated highly by the American Journal of Preventative Medicine. 

Interested in Learning More About Rebel + Mina? Contact Pops Today! 

As one of the best diabetes apps out there today, Pops crafted Rebel + Mina to help make the lives of those with diabetes easier. Whether you’re an individual looking for a system to better fit your needs or an employer who wants to improve the day to day lives of their employees, Rebel + Mina is here for you.

Also, check out our Best Glucose Meter review post!

To learn more about how Pops can help you, reach out today!

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Stephanie Toomey
Stephanie thrives on getting to know someone to understand what makes them tick, so it’s no surprise that she has spent her entire career in retail and marketing – putting the customer first. While at work, you’ll often hear her telling ..
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