Glucose Meter Reviews: 8 Best Glucose Meters for 2021

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Timothy Balder, MD
Dr. Timothy Balder, MD is a Family Medicine Specialist in Bloomington, MN, and has over 36 years of experience in the medical field. He graduated from the University of Minnesota Medical School in 1985.

Managing your diabetes is never something you should have to do alone. A good support group, an educated doctor, and a trusty glucose meter are all necessary components of showing your diabetes who is boss.

Today, we’re focusing on the last of those three—glucose meters. Finding the right glucose meter can seem pretty overwhelming at first. After all, there are a lot of companies out there that claim they have the “best glucose meter.”

So, to help you in your quest for the best glucose meter to help you manage your diabetes, here are some of the best-rated glucose meters on the market today! 

AgaMatrix Jazz Wireless 2

AgaMatrix WaveSense JAZZ Blood Glucose Monitoring Meter

“It graphs your readings over time so you can see trends in your health and make appropriate changes. It also lets you share your data with your physician and has an inbox for communication purposes. The AgaMatrix Jazz Wireless 2 is among the best glucometers on the market because it is accurate and easy to sync to its companion diabetes manager app.” – From Top Ten Reviews.

The Jazz Wireless 2 Blood Glucose Monitoring System uses advanced technology called “WaveSense” to deliver very reliable readings with 99% accuracy. What many users will find nice about this meter is that they’ll have the ability to capture, analyze, and share their glucose results easily through a Bluetooth wireless connection. With AgaMatrix Jazz 2, users can record glucose, carb, insulin, and weight data in one place to help visualize trends.

Overall, the meter is very easy to set up. With results in as quick as five seconds after using, the AgaMatrix Jazz Wireless 2 also automatically syncs all the results to the app. 

A slim meter design makes for discreet testing and the meter includes an LED display. The meter is also compatible with supported iOS and Android™ devices and allows for the sharing of glucose results in real-time with family or carers via push notifications.

Pops Rebel 


Diabetes Management Apps

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“At MNGI Digestive Health we are Caring People Caring for People. It is important to offer valuable benefits to our employees and found we had the opportunity to help our employees and/or their family members with diabetes. We are looking for opportunities to improve health and prevent claims due to not properly monitoring their diabetes. We found Pops Diabetes Care to be a cutting edge tool that offers a much easier method of testing than other diabetes management systems. The app is engaging and increases communication to their loved ones and physician.” – Shannon, MNGI

Rebel is one of the easiest to use meters on the market — as it combines the traditional testing kit with multiple components into one meter that can attach directly to a smartphone. This feature, along with an easy-to-use app, is a great feature to have. Nothing is worse than getting a glucose meter that has a terrible user interface. 

The ability to fit the Rebel meter easily into the pocket of the owner is also critical for folks who are always on the move. The added convenience of Rebel makes it a great option for all people, regardless of their lifestyle. 

In addition to the convenient design of Rebel, this glucose monitoring system also caters to all forms of diabetes (pre-diabetes, type 1, and type 2). This allows the system to cater to the different management styles of those with different types of diabetes. Rebel is a one-size-fits-all meter.

But, not only is it important that the best glucose meter is functional, the blood sugar meters should also be improving the users’ lives. Rebel is proven to reduce A1c levels for those that use it by 1 point. That means people that use Rebel will reduce their own healthcare expenses. With Rebel’s Mina, a virtual assistant, you will always be on top of your diabetes and blood sugar management. 

To learn more about how Rebel can improve your life, contact Pops today!

Advocate Redi-Code + Speaking Blood Glucose Meter

Advocate Redi-Code+ Speaking Blood Glucose Meter - Advocate Meters

“I have been using the Advocate Redi Code meter for years. It is a reliable way of measuring your blood glucose levels on a daily basis. This compact machine provides the readings in a clear and audible voice and the numbers are bold and easily read. I highly recommend it.” – From Advocate’s site. 

Advocate Redi-Code+ Speaking Blood Glucose Meter is a reliable option for those who are looking for both safe and accurate monitoring of blood glucose levels. One of its defining features is that it has the ability to speak, which can be beneficial for users who have sight impairments. The meter can speak in both English and Spanish. 

Some other great features of Advocate Redi-Code+ include fast results in five seconds and six daily alarm reminders to help ensure that users are remembering to check their blood sugar levels when appropriate. Users will also appreciate the big-screen display which makes results clear and easy to read, as well as pre and post-meal testing.

Freestyle Libre

FDA Approves FreeStyle Libre 14 Day Flash Glucose Monitoring ...

When it comes to glucose meters, not all of them need to involve sticking your finger to draw blood. This isn’t a big deal for many folks, as they’ve simply gotten quickly used to it. However, for some people with diabetes, the idea of sticking your finger multiple times a day is rather dreadful. For this reason, continuous blood glucose monitoring systems like Freestyle Libre were made.

Freestyle Libre allows the user to insert a thin sensor under their skin (not nearly as painful as it sounds), allowing you to wear it all day. Not only does this provide the added benefit of not needing to prick your finger throughout the day, but it also monitors all day long so that you can gain a better understanding of your glucose levels as they fluctuate throughout the day. However, you do have to manually scan the sensor to actually see a reading.

Dexcom G6

FDA Clears Dexcom G6 CGM with No Fingersticks! Launch Later this ...

While Freestyle Libre involves manually scanning the sensor to get a glucose reading, the Dexcom G6 uses a similar sensor but automatically keeps tabs on your glucose levels throughout the day. While users have to once again be comfortable with inserting the sensor under their skin, they can gain valuable insight into how their dietary choices and activity levels impact glucose.

In addition to automatic glucose monitoring, the Dexcom G6 is also smartphone and Apple Watch compatible. Therefore, users can either have their reading sent wirelessly to the Dexcom handheld device, or they can pair with their smartphone or Apple Watch through Dexcom’s app. In a world that is becoming more and more technologically advanced, compatibility is something everyone wants in their devices—from laptops to speakers to glucose meters.

ReliOn Prime

Relion Prime Blood Glucose Monitoring System, Red | Blood glucose ...

If you’re looking for a cheaper glucose meter solution that still gets the job done, ReliOn Prime is one of the most affordable options on the market today. For less than $18, you can get the meter along with 50 strips. Keep in mind, the meter and the strips must be bought separately.

The ReliOn can store up to 250 blood sugar readings, which is a surprisingly high amount for a meter at this price point. However, the meter does not have a smartphone or app pairing capabilities. Of course, that comes as no surprise, but it is important to note in case you are curious about understanding your glucose levels over the long term. For this reason, the meter makes for a great option if you are traveling. 

Care Touch Diabetes Testing Kit

Care Touch Diabetes Testing Glucose Monitor Meter 100 Lancets No ...

Care Touch offers users a fast result through an inexpensive meter. Also, its test strips are reasonably priced. Although it is far from the most technologically advanced meter you’ll find on the market, it does offer data annotation. For example, you can add details like “post-meal” or “post-workout.” By doing so, you can get a better understanding of how your day-to-day activities affect your glucose levels.

The meter is also extremely easy to use, and you can purchase a complete kit, which includes the monitor along with 100 test strips, a lancing device, 30 lancets, and a carrying bag plus a battery.

Accu Chek Aviva Plus Meter

Easy to handle and extremely accurate, the Accu Chek Aviva Plus is an exceptional glucose meter. In fact, the Accu Chek Aviva Plus Meter is so spot-on with its levels, it has won awards because of its accuracy. The meter also allows you to download test results to your computer. This feature is great for those who want to keep track of their blood sugar levels over a long period of time and identify trends. While this meter is a little pricey, it is a great option for those who need a new meter that produces consistent results day in and day out.

Most Accurate Blood Glucose Meters

Glucose meter accuracy has long been a hot topic of discussion. In a previous blog, “Is my meter accurate,” we discuss some of the technical details of meter accuracy. However, to us with diabetes, the accuracy of our meter becomes very personal.

According to the Diabetes Technology Society surveillance study in 2017, only 6 of the 18 meters passed the accepted standard of accuracy. Industry focus on accuracy resulted in the FDA issuing new guidance in October 2016. Meters cleared by the FDA before this guidance were not required to meet this guidance to continue to be sold. Even meters released after 2016 were allowed to bypass the requirement if they were substantially the same as previously cleared meters. New meters released after 2016 are required to meet the tighter 2016 guidance. 

The Importance of Meter Accuracy

Accurate readings of your blood glucose are obviously very important because you need to know how much insulin you need or if you need to eat a snack before your blood sugar gets too low or too high. But there are other reasons why meter accuracy is so important.

blood glucose meter accuracy

Factors That Can Affect Accuracy in a Glucose Meter

Even the most accurate glucose meter in the world needs to follow specific rules and protocols to ensure near 100% accuracy. Many things can affect how well your glucose test comes out. The key is to follow the blood glucose meter instructions, but also consider the following:

Testing Technique

The way you test can severely affect the results. This means you should always follow the instructions and avoid using alternate sites on the body (outside of your finger) unless otherwise directed, and always make sure you have enough blood on the test strip to get a reading. Using the wrong technique consistently could mean months of inaccurate blood glucose levels, and thus poor diabetes management, which could be very dangerous.

Clean Testing Site

It can be really easy to want to get lazy because you constantly have to check your blood sugar levels, but taking the time to clean and sterilize the testing site and to wash your hands can be the difference between a correct and incorrect test result. Any amount of dirt or grease on your hands or near the testing site can affect the outcome.

Temperature and Environment

Your meter needs to be stored in proper conditions—super high or super low temperatures as well as higher altitudes can diminish the glucose meter accuracy.

Glucose Meter Quality

Yes, the quality of the meter matters! When it comes to managing your diabetes, don’t go cheap. Your glucose meter should also meet all of the standards we mentioned above.

Testing Strips Quality

This is an important one to follow: always purchase testing strips that are compatible with your glucose meter, are not expired, and are of a quality brand and manufacturer. Sometimes you may think buying bulk testing strips will save you money in the long run, but often they can expire or be of poor quality, and in the end, you’ll pay the price with your health.

Calibrating the Meter

Follow your instructions to set up and calibrate your meter when you get it. Calibration ensures the readings are accurate based on your environment and your specific needs.

Altering Medications

If you take other medications or supplements, always check with your doctor to ensure they won’t affect your accurate results. Oddly enough, acetaminophen and ascorbic acid (vitamin C) can show falsified results (often lower than normal).

The Most Accurate Meters

Because accuracy is so important, we look at meters that have proven accuracy in industry data. These blood glucose meters have been tested against the industry standards via the surveillance program. Based on those results, here is our list of the most accurate meters available on the market today.

Bayer Contour Next—100%

Pops Rebel—100%

Roche Accu-Chek Viva Plus—98%

Walmart ReliOn—97%

CVS Advanced—97%

FreeStyle Lite—96%

Roche Accu-chek SmartView—95%

The Importance of a Good Blood Glucose Meter

It’s important to make sure that you use a good blood glucose or blood sugar meter. Roughly 1 in 10 people throughout the US will struggle with diabetes. That number is likely to rise according to experts. With a high-quality blood sugar metering system, you’ll be able to help them improve their quality of life and overall health.

Find the Best Glucose Meter For You

If you need more assistance in finding the best blood glucose meter to help you show your diabetes who’s boss, contact Pops! We’d be happy to help you.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Glucose Meters

When Should I Replace My Glucose Meter?

While it ultimately depends on your glucose meter, generally speaking, your meter should be replaced if it’s older than five years. There will be instances in which your meter may last shorter or longer than that, but that is the average age at which meters should be replaced. Always speak with your doctor about whether or not you should upgrade. Be on the lookout for new meters that have new features and that you can get at a lower monthly cost. Once again, a doctor may be able to provide insight into making the switch to a newer model.

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Timothy Balder, MD
Dr. Timothy Balder, MD is a Family Medicine Specialist in Bloomington, MN, and has over 36 years of experience in the medical field. He graduated from the University of Minnesota Medical School in 1985.
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