Diabetes Blog: 7 Best Diabetes Blogs to Help You Manage Your Diabetes

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Stephanie Toomey
Stephanie thrives on getting to know someone to understand what makes them tick, so it’s no surprise that she has spent her entire career in retail and marketing – putting the customer first. While at work, you’ll often hear her telling ..

The world is full of blogs. In fact, nowadays, you can basically find a blog out there for every topic. This is especially true for blogs that pertain to diabetes.

Whether it’s tips for how to take on your diabetes each day, medical news, or just personal stories that you can relate to, here are 7 of the best diabetes blogs to read today!

Diabetes Self-Management

Diabetes Self-Management is an excellent source for all things diabetes-related.

Diabetes Self-Management offers practical and relevant “how-to” information on nutrition, exercise, new drugs, medical advances, self-help, and more. On this blog, you’ll find a roundup of expert tips, knowledge, and insights about diabetes self-care written by health-care professionals and people with diabetes, as well as reports about late-breaking diabetes news.

In addition, they offer a free newsletter so you can stay up to date on the latest diabetes news at all times.

Diabetes Stories

Riva Greenberg has been blogging about diabetes for quite some time. What makes her stories, advice, and insight incredibly helpful is that she has diabetes as well as works in the healthcare industry. Her blog, Diabetes Stories, is chock-full of posts that cover nutrition, advocacy, and any updates on current research.

In addition to checking out her great posts, make sure to read her about page to learn more about her inspiring story. Whether you’re looking for a relatable, funny story, or some helpful advice, Riva has you covered.

Diabetes Dad

As the father of not one but two kids with diabetes, Tom Karlya certainly knows a thing or two about being a parent of a child with diabetes. Karlya has been featured or quoted in numerous publications, including USA Today, Diabetes Health, Newsday, The Los Angeles Times, and more. In addition, he has testified in Washington, D.C., appeared at diabetes-related events at the United Nations, and has served as a panelist or keynote speaker at numerous diabetes events internationally.

While Karlya isn’t a medical professional, he has a lot of wisdom to share about taking care of kids with diabetes. His perspective that he shares in his blog, Diabetes Dad, is appreciated by all the parents or caregivers who have given it a read.

Pops Diabetes Care

Pops Diabetes Care’s blog contains helpful content on all sorts of topics, including lifestyle and diet tips for people with diabetes. But, the blog also has some good info for businesses on how to create an environment that allows their employees with diabetes to thrive.

College Diabetes Network

The College Diabetes Network is a nonprofit organization that focuses its attention on assisting young adults living with diabetes. There is a lot of information to go over on their blog, meaning you can find content on all sorts of diabetes-related topics. This includes personal stories, current medical news, and even more narrowed content like tips for studying abroad with diabetes. If you are a college student with diabetes, this is a blog that you should definitely read. They also have a section dedicated to high school students!

Hangry Woman

Mila Clarke Buckley founded Hangry Woman in 2016 as a resource to find helpful and, most importantly, approachable tips for living with diabetes. This includes recipes, travel tips, self-care, and much more. Buckley believes that there is a way to live a full, healthy, and happy life with diabetes, and her advice is definitely worth reading.

Yoga for Diabetes

Being active is a great way to self-manage your diabetes. Rachel Zinman founded this blog with the idea of telling her story of how yoga has helped her live with type 1 diabetes. Zinman has found that yoga has been instrumental as a form of healing, coping, inspiration, and disease management. If you’re looking for a new activity to keep yourself feeling fit and your mind feeling at ease, then make sure to give Yoga for Diabetes a look.

Which of these blogs have you already checked out? Are there blogs that we missed on our list? Let us know in the comments!

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Stephanie Toomey
Stephanie thrives on getting to know someone to understand what makes them tick, so it’s no surprise that she has spent her entire career in retail and marketing – putting the customer first. While at work, you’ll often hear her telling ..
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