7 Places Diabetes Won’t Stop You From Traveling To

BY Kevin L.  |  May 13th, 2020  |  No Comments
Kevin L.
Kevin, our Arnold Palmer of Sales, approaches golf and sales in the same way. He shoots it straight, is honest, and isn't afraid to take risks when needed.

Traveling with diabetes presents unique challenges.

Traveling to difficult or remote destinations can be even more challenging. But what’s life without a little adventure? You can travel the world and traverse all the terrains without diabetes stopping you.

Oh the places we’ll go:

Ginnie Springs, Florida, USA

Sure, something stateside might not seem like an exotic adventure, but not all of us can afford a trip to a different continent. Beyond budget, a trip away from home, but knowing you can still access the same US healthcare you’re used to, can be a great first step into adventuring.

This Instagram worthy destination is perfect for water lovers. Tubing down the Santa Fe River; swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving in the warm waters to discover hidden natural wonders and wildlife; paddle through the waterways; camp onsite or stay at a cabin nearby—truly a magical adventure for those with a little mermaid at heart.

Torres del Paine National Park, Chile

Not for the faint of heart or those who don’t like hiking, Torres del Paine National Park in Chile will take you on the journey of a lifetime. Pops’ CEO and a person with Type 1 diabetes, Lonny Stormo, recently completed a 16-mile round trip hike in the remote region. With changing climates, difficult terrain, complete with a great local culture to immerse yourself in, this is definitely a destination to behold.


The Land of Fire and Ice has something for everyone. You can party in Reykjavík, or take a dip in the Blue Lagoon. The beautiful vistas, glaciers, and volcanos are a world-class destination to add your “must-see” list. Maddie Aibel recounted her experience in Iceland and traveling with diabetes for Beyond Type 1. If you’re one for stargazing, going between September and March will give you a good chance at seeing the majestic northern lights.


Explore the jungles, see the rich history, and, for the foodies out there, take a food tour. There’s nothing more unique but universal than food. We all eat, but each country, region, and even cities can have vastly different cuisines. While you can take a food tour practically anywhere, the Forbes rated XO Tours will take you all over Siagon to local favorites, not just tourist traps. The myths of food and diabetes can’t stop you here.

Mount Everest

Mount Everest is the king for those with adventure at heart. Will Cross was the first person with Type 1 diabetes to summit Mount Everest in 2006, proving that even the most difficult can be done with type 1. While something like an extreme climbing situation isn’t as simple as grabbing an extra insulin pen and hopping on a flight, conquering this giant will be worth the extra planning.


Both historical and beautiful, Greece is the perfect destination for an adventure. Dive, paddle, and swim in the coastal waters, hike the cliffs and visit historic monasteries, and visit the breathtaking ruins of old temples and cities. For history buffs, this European destination is the perfect mix of food, fun, knowledge, and sun.

Serengeti National Park, Tanzina

A safari is the classic adventure. There are guided tours for all levels of adventure, but the best part of all of them is seeing the vast and diverse ecosystem in all its glory. From lions to wildebeest, you can see them from a truck, a bus, or a hot air balloon. For lodging, there are all types of options from camping and glamping to resorts. Its popularity means customization on your adventure, making it the perfect planned adventure.

No matter where you go, there’s a solution. Preparedness, preplanning, and backup plans are all important parts of traveling with diabetes, but your diabetes can’t stop you from owning your life. Grab that map, and let’s get going!

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Kevin L.
Kevin, our Arnold Palmer of Sales, approaches golf and sales in the same way. He shoots it straight, is honest, and isn't afraid to take risks when needed.
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