The Future of Diabetes Management

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Tamara W.
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The Future of Diabetes Management Apps

No one knows better than those with diabetes that managing it has been a hassle for a long time.

Same old testing kit? Really? It’s 2021 (almost 2022!) You’d think by now there would be something better. An all-in-one system that uses something you use every day to also test and monitor your blood glucose levels.

*SPOILER ALERT* there is. But first, let’s talk about the importance of modernizing diabetes care.

Why Modernizing Diabetes Management Matters

For far too long, diabetes management was so intrusive in our daily lives that it was impossible to feel free from the disease. Despite that, for a long time, little had been done to help.

In today’s era, there’s an app for literally everything. You can track, log, and order anything you need at the touch of your fingertips…it’s high time we have an app that allows us to track and manage our diabetes as well.

This is especially important considering the current numbers:

Modernizing diabetes management is important if we want to reduce our annual spend on diabetes and start taking control of the disease as a whole. So, Pops created one of the simplest and easy-to-use diabetes management apps on the market.

Who is “Pops”?

No, Pops is not a lollipop company. It’s not a popsicle company, popcorn company, and it’s definitely not your dad or grampa (although, we do absolutely crush some dad jokes on the daily.)

Pops is a completely innovative diabetes management company revolutionalizing how you can track and monitor your diabetes. We offer products, like Rebel, that allow you to Own Your Life by:

What is Rebel? Who is Mina?

Ah yes, Rebal & Mina. No, they’re not two adorably quirky roommates from a 1970’s sitcom. Think of Rebel and Mina like Amazon’s Echo and Alexa. Or the iPhone and Siri. Google Home and, well, Google. I think you get the picture.

Rebel is our user-friendly app that allows you to easily check and monitor your sugars right from your best friend: your smartphone. Mina is your virtual coach, assisting you in reading your levels, checking trends, and encouraging you to keep crushing your goals.

Rebel and Mina are the virtual BFFs you never knew you had.

diabetes management apps

How Pops Got It’s Start

Three men were in a boat.

No, this is not a lead in to a joke. Three men were literally in a boat, on a lake, back in 2013. Those three men happened to be the founders of Pops: Lonny Stormo, Dan Davis, and Curt Christensen.

While Dan was reeling in a large Walleye, Lonny, who has Type 1 diabetes, was trying to check his blood sugar. Witnessing the struggle, Lonny said something that would change the way we manage diabetes as we know it.

“Why can’t I use my phone to check my blood sugar while I’m out fishing or jogging? This kit hasn’t changed in the 20 years I’ve been using it and only shows me one result at a time. It’s frustrating.”

The three men took that idea to shore, and thus, Pops was born.

Why We Do What We Do

Outside of offering next-level diabetes management apps and products, Pops has a greater vision to trail-blaze real change. We believe in dreaming big and using our collective strengths to improve the future for many different people groups, not just the same few. That’s why our brand values are:


Ready to get a bit more up close and personal with Pops? Let’s rub elbows.


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Tamara W.
Tamara pulls no punches as our own Captain Marvel of Branding.
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