Exciting New Expansion to Pops Self-Care Platform

BY Lonny Stormo  |  November 21st, 2022  |  No Comments
Lonny Stormo
Co-Founder & CEO of Pops

Pops, the Own Your Life® company, is thrilled to announce the next expansion to its self-care platform. Mina, a Virtual Health Assistant, combined with new devices can now help people living with diabetes also manage their weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol. In addition to its innovative all-in-one glucose meter, Pops will offer a cellular connected blood pressure monitor and weight scale for its client owners (people using Pops). Owners can track these trends, including cholesterol, in the Pops Rebel app.

Hypertension, overweight/obesity, and high cholesterol are common comorbidities associated with diabetes. According to the CDC, 14.7% of all US adults are estimated to have diabetes. Furthermore, in the 2020 National Diabetes Statistics Report, 68% of US adults with diabetes also had high blood pressure, 89% were overweight or had obesity, and 44% had high cholesterol.

“Mina is now able to motivate individuals to manage their whole health – informed by their blood sugar, blood pressure, weight, and cholesterol data,” states Anna Christenson, Director of Product at Pops.

National diabetes month occurs every November, a time to bring attention to diabetes and its impact on millions of Americans. Without the right education, tools, and support, diabetes can be incredibly difficult to manage and lead to major complications, healthcare costs, and death. The most recent data states that the total costs for diabetes are $327 Billion and is the seventh leading cause of death in the US. The combined impact of people with diabetes and high blood pressure greatly increases the risk for heart disease and together can cost over 4X more than someone without chronic conditions.

“Our tagline is Own Your Life®. The Pops platform empowers people to own their lives by removing barriers to effective diabetes management and providing a simple self-care solution,” says Lonny Stormo, co-founder and CEO of Pops. “We are thrilled to expand the platform to help people with diabetes tackle their full metabolic health.”

Many studies have shown digital health solutions that include virtual coaching and self-monitoring with connected devices can significantly improve outcomes in people with chronic conditions. In January, Pops published a long-term clinical study in the peer-reviewed International Journal of Digital Health. People that utilized the Pops platform showed a 1.3-point reduction in HbA1c sustained over 24 months. With the expanded platform, Pops looks forward to publishing additional health outcomes.

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Lonny Stormo
Co-Founder & CEO of Pops
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