How to Hydrate in Style

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Mina, your virtual coach.
Mina is your virtual coach in diabetes management and your new best friend.

Staying hydrated is important for people with diabetes.

High blood glucose levels increase urination which can lead to dehydration, they also cause increased thirst. Severe dehydration can also be a symptom of diabetic ketoacidosis. Luckily, drinking water can help lower those levels, as well as give you plenty of other science-backed benefits.

Here’s what you need to hydrate in style.

Water bottles, travel mugs, and tumblers

Sure, this seems simple, but it’s a key ingredient to staying hydrated. If you don’t like your water bottle or drink holder, it’s harder to motivate yourself to drink. Keep in mind how you like to drink; Do you like straws? Do you want your water to stay ice cold? Does metal or glass matter to you? How about aesthetics?


Yeti is the gold standard of tumblers and travel cups to keep your drinks ice cold or piping hot. They have from your standard 10oz mugs and wine glasses to 30oz travel cups, and even jugs up to a gallon capacity. These shatter-resistant, double-walled insulation, stainless steel vessels can be customized with different colors and engraving, straws, handles and more.

Black Yeti 20oz Tumblr

Via Yeti


Classic and budget-friendly, these reusable, durable plastic water bottles have been the go-to for years. With most styles holding 32oz, it’s easy to get your 8×8 a day with two refills. They have lots of bright colors for vibrate folks, and more subtle styles for the laid back among us. If simplicity isn’t your thing, you can customize it with your favorite stickers. Wide mouth, narrow mouth, or easy-open cap, they have something for you. They even have a water bottle that has a compartment for your medication, keys, snacks, or money.

Teal plastic Nalgene water bottle

Via Nalgene


If you want something a little more stylish, Bkr is the brand for you. These clear glass 250ml, 500ml or 1L water bottles come with trendy silicone sleeves in many colors in smooth and sleek style, or rebellious and spikey. Their durable, plastic caps with a ridged loop make them easy to carry without the fear of them swinging, breaking, or the loop breaking. For extra style factor, the brand even makes their famous Paris Water Balm lip balm in various shades. You can get a lip balm to match your water bottle sleeve, with an innovative cap that holds your balm to boot!

Via Bkr

Water flavoring

Some folks just don’t like plain water. If you fall into that category, or just want to try something new, sugar-free water flavorings can be a helpful incentive to drink those drops.


The simple route is infused water. Just by adding fruits, or even veggies to water, you can make a delicious, hydrating treat based on your own preferences. Classic favorites include lemon or cucumber water. You can even get a water bottle to help you infuse your water easily.


Water drops have been on the market for a while. There are so many to choose from, but stay away from the sugar-filled versions if you want a blood glucose friendly drink and opt for ones without sugar. Mix different flavors for the perfect combo, or add more or less based on the brand! If you want a water bottle that does it for you, you’re in luck.

Other hydrating drinks

Iced tea is a perfect hydrating drink, especially on hot summer days. As always, be mindful of sugar-sweetened versions. Juice and even water-heavy fruits like watermelon can help you stay on top of that hydration goa


Sometimes you just need a reminder to drink, especially when trying to establish it as a new habit. Luckily, apps are here to save the day once again and there’s something for everyone.

The WaterMinder app lets you track more than water, like tea, juice and more. Additionally, it’ll take away from your water total if you log an alcoholic beverage, which can help remind you to drink alcohol in moderation.


Plant Nanny is a popular favorite among those needing a dose of wholesome in their day. Tracking your water consumption helps you grow a plant of your choice, and allows you to unlock new plants.

Screenshot of the Plant Nanny app on different phones

Via Plant Nanny

Many apps recommend the amount of water you should drink based on body weight. This might not always be accurate, especially for people at higher weights. Work with your medical team, and listen to your own body’s needs based on age, health status, and activity level to find out what’s right for you, and adjust.

Other helpful items

It’s amazing the little things that can make a big difference. Filtered water may taste better, and if you live somewhere the tap water isn’t safe, it can save you from health problems. Ice can keep your drink the temperature you like it, and give you more satisfying sips.


If you have a narrow mouth style water bottle, getting ice cubes in there can be frustrating. Opt for ice trays that give you ice rods instead. For wider mouth bottles, ice ball molds can be used to make round ice balls that melt slower and can have fruit frozen inside them for a gentle water flavoring. Still want something cooler? Check out these 44 novelty ice trays in fun shapes like the Batman logo, cats, ships and more.

Water filters

How you and your family drink water, as well as where you live will impact what you need. For single folks and small families, something like a water pitcher with filtration might be perfect, on the go folks might prefer a filtered water bottle. If you’re able to install yourself, a faucet filter might be best for you.


Water bottles are always a pain to clean! But with a proper brush clean up will be a breeze. Need a deeper cleaning? BottleBright tablets will help you restore that bottle to its former glory. A more instant, DIY route can be found here.

While it seems like a lot, incorporating the right water bottle and app is a simple step to stay on top of your body’s hydration needs and keep your blood sugar levels steady.

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Mina, your virtual coach.
Mina is your virtual coach in diabetes management and your new best friend.
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