Easier Access to Diabetes Management & Supplies With Best Buy Collab

BY Mina, your virtual coach.  |  August 19th, 2021  |  No Comments
Mina, your virtual coach.
Mina is your virtual coach in diabetes management and your new best friend.

Pops—a transformational virtual diabetes management company—and Best Buy have reached an agreement on a distribution collaboration enabling more people with diabetes to utilize the Pops solution.

The importance of this is that online shopping for diabetes supplies isn’t always an easy option for many. People with diabetes can now go to BestBuy.com, and order a critical tool for their diabetes self-management.

The Benefits of Diabetes Self Management

If you have diabetes, then you know that diabetes management is something that must be done around the clock. If you’re still early on in your life with diabetes, balancing day-to-day activities and your diabetes can be tricky. But, over time, it will become more manageable. Especially with tools like the Pops Mina app and glucose monitor device. Nailing down your diabetes management using available tools, a healthy diet, and exercise can help you:

The Benefits of Partnering With Best Buy

We couldn’t be happier to partner with a company that cares about using technology to better the lives of its customers. Best Buy aims to enrich lives through technology and meaningful connections. The electronics retailer offers customers a variety of products within the health and wellness space including fitness and recovery, pain management, personal care, health monitoring, and more.

Pair that with Pops who provides a consumer-centric solution to enable people to manage their condition while they live their life. The solution centers around Mina, an AI virtual health assistant, who is with the person 24/7 in their phone. Mina is wirelessly connected to the Rebel glucometer, which enables testing more discreetly and painlessly. The Rebel meter is the first in Pops’ line of Bluetooth-connected sensors to support disease management. You can purchase our Rebel blood glucose meter welcome kit on Best Buy’s website here

“If you ask a person with diabetes what is most important in their life, they will never say ‘diabetes’,” said Lonny Stormo, Pop’s CEO. “Our goal is to allow people to continue to live their life AND manage their diabetes, and we are excited to work with Best Buy to bring this solution to more people.”

Pops is making the healthy choice the easy choice with Mina, an AI digital coaching platform offering personalized support and encouragement to meet goals while removing barriers to living a healthy lifestyle. Mina is surrounded by simple consumer-experience sensors, starting with a glucose meter that is the simplest way to measure blood glucose on the market. With Pops, it’s time to Own Your Life™. Learn more at https://popsdiabetes.com/

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Mina, your virtual coach.
Mina is your virtual coach in diabetes management and your new best friend.
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